Bring Home an Adorable and Friendly Daug – Dachshund Pug Mix!

A Daug is a cross breed between a dachshund and a pug. They are playful, loving, friendly and stubborn at times. However, they are smart and so when you get one for your family, you will get the good of the pug and the intelligence of the dachshund.

pug mixes with Dachshund

Daug- what does it look like?

The daug is the ideal mix of both its parents. Its body is a little longer than the pug. It sports a muzzle like a dachshund that is not too long however not as small as the pug. When it comes to their tails, the Daug may have a curved or straight one. Its legs are like the pug its ears are droopy like the dachshund. The daug is short-haired and come in the colours of brown and black.

Temperament – Daug

The Dachshund pug mix is playful, friendly and very loving. They have both the good and bad from both their parents. The pug is sweet, loyal and friendly. The pug is docile and loves staying at home. They love attention and crave for their owners all the time. They are excellent with kids, however, when playtime is over; they love to sleep in a corner. They are quite lazy at times and need a little exercise to stay fit. A walk in the park is all they need to remain healthy.

The dachshund, on the other hand, falls under the category of hunting dogs. They can be quite stubborn sometimes. They might become aggressive when they confront a stranger or another domesticated pet. It is here that you need to give you proper training so that they become obedient and loyal. They often land up barking too much. This can be reduced with proper behavioural training. They are very clever and smart. If they are not trained properly, they might become very destructive at home if they are left alone for a very long period.

A mix of good and bad from both parents

As mentioned above, this dachshund pug mix takes both the good as well as the bad qualities of their parents. They inherit the docile virtues of the pug and the protective instinct of the dachshund. They are pets that look for a lot of attention and love from their owners. Train them when young so that they grow up to be obedient, happy and healthy dogs.

Do they have health problems?

You will not face health issues when you bring a daug home. They should be taken to a vet on regular occasions to prevent minor health problems. You should take your pet for regular health check-ups every 4 to 6 months. This will prevent minor health issues. You should brush your daug regularly to prevent infections. While you are taking out your pet for its daily walks ensure you use a leash.

Therefore, if you are looking for an adorable and courageous dog breed, the Dachshund pug mix is the ideal pet for you. You will not regret the decision when you bring one home!

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